I’m Alex, the calligrapher, stationer and educator behind Prairie Letter Shop. I grew up on the West Coast, the daughter of a teacher/crafter mom and a film executive dad. Given my family history, it makes perfect sense that I would end up as a teacher-­turned­-creative entrepreneur. With limited television allowed at home, I filled time with art projects and make believe businesses. I’ve loved lettering since I was a tiny kid and even addressed my aunt’s wedding invitations as a sixth grader.

After a stint with Teach for America in the Mississippi Delta and a few more years teaching high school English in Brooklyn, I took a leap of faith that landed me in the middle of the country, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where I began work as a teacher trainer. My manager noticed my need for a creative outlet, and an Etsy shop was born. Within two months, I was surprised to find myself spending many late nights filling rubber stamp orders and lettering envelopes --­­and even more surprised by how much I loved the work despite the long hours. After building my skill and networking on social media for a year, I heard God calling me to take another leap of faith into a drastic career change. I opened the full­-time doors of Prairie Letter Shop on June 1, 2015, specializing in wedding invitations and lettering education. I learned more than I ever thought possible about weddings when I planned my own, to my best friend Kent, in April of 2017. A new chapter began in August of 2018 when I welcomed my first baby, a little girl named Evangeline, who is now my shop assistant and sidekick.

Most days, you’ll find me in my midtown Tulsa studio, working from home with my daughter close by. Outside of work, I love meal prep, date nights, girl time, margaritas, and church. Catch up with me on Instagram and say hi!