In a recent #FridayIntroductions, I shared that I listened to podcasts all. day. long. And this is no exaggeration. As a work-from-home creative entrepreneur, I often find myself working alone, and without something in the background, my mind can run wild. Though I'm an introvert, I crave hearing the perspectives of others and learning new things, so podcasts have been an awesome way to grow and expand my own thinking. I've learned about life, business, and faith, and today, want to share some of my favorite podcasts. 



  • THE LIVELY SHOW - I have listened to every single one of Jess Lively's podcasts, which is why I have been reaching out for others lately. A former business owner and coach, Jess has a great way of including a range of perspectives and points of view. She asks thoughtful questions of bloggers, authors, entrepreneurs, and regular folks alike. I recommend visiting the podcast section of her website and starting from the beginning. I've listed some of my favorite interviews below. 
  • THE INFLUENCE NETWORK - The influence network is an incredible online resource for women in the Christian faith. The interviews are rich and full of substance, and many of them focus on business as well as faith. Jacey Verdicchio interviews entreporeneurs, bloggers, artists, and authors. This is a recent favorite of mine!
  • SMART PASSIVE INCOME - Pat Flynn is the (very young) "grandfather" of passive income. He's such a kind soul and his podcast exists to help others learn all of the granular details of earning money online. I've gathered a ton of helpful information about social media, marketing, and other business-focused topics.
  • 99% INVISIBLE- These short episodes tell interesting stories about sometimes obscure topics, and it definitely a nerdy slant. Bonus: The host has an incredibly soothing podcast voice.



I hope this list provides some new podcasts for you to enjoy! Leave a note in the comments and let me know if there's one you think I would like. Happy listening! 

Photo by Every Little Beat Photography, Styling by Wendy Creates