It's no secret that around here, we LOVE mail. Mail is my love language and a love of happy mail is at the center of everything I do. Every time I see a non-bill/non-catalog mail piece in my mailbox, I feel so delighted that someone remembered me. Over the years, I've participated in mail swaps with Heather from Design Roots and Bailey from Antiquaria, and getting mail back from both of them lit my heart up! (I still have my beautiful envelopes from them both). So it's only natural that it's now time to host my very own mail swap. Read on for the details--it's easy, fast, and nearly free.

holiday card swap long graphic.jpg

In celebration of our 4th birthday, I hosted an Instagram Live and shared a link for people to sign up for happy mail. I had to cut off the entries at 50 for sheer time's sake, but it was SO FUN to create little works of art to bless people's mailboxes. We're keeping the happy trail train moving. I'd love for you to participate in my first ever mail swap! Here's how it works:

1) STEP 1: Send a piece of happy mail to my shop before 12/18! That's TEN days from now!

Very simple holiday photo card from the drug store with a chicken scratch envelope? PERFECT. Fanciest envelope you've ever decorated with calligraphy and lettering galore? AWESOME! Letterpress with special Christmas vintage stamps? I'D LOVE THOSE! Simple happy mail or luxe happy mail--we don't discriminate around here. There's absolutely no pressure to get fancy--there's room for everyone. 

Mailing address at my studio:

Alex Bray, Prairie Letter Shop, 3230 E. 15th Street | Tulsa, OK 74104

2) STEP 2: Watch for your happy mail back from me! Make sure there's a visible name and return address on the back flap of your envelope so I can send you mail back, pretty please!

As mail arrives at my shop, I will mail YOU back one of my new holiday cards. (Again, please make sure there's a clear name and address!) If it's not too much trouble, can you please add the return address on the back flap? This will help me protect your privacy when I photograph the happy mail haul and will save a little time in not having to blur out addresses.

3) STEP 3: Keep an eye on my blog, and you may win a prize! 

I'm going to gather all of the happy mail, photograph it, put it on my blog, and let my shop mate Merritt of Merriment choose an envelope out of a bag. Whoever wins gets a prize pack including a $30 Starbucks card, a few surprises from my shop, a marble mug, a lettering journal, and some pens. I'll announce the winner and mail off the goods on 12/22. It will be a happy little after-Christmas treat for the winner. 

Remember, this is not a beauty contest (though fancy lettering and decoration is highly encouraged). The goal is to do my part to revive the art of sending snail mail (and selfishly, receive lots of fun mail in the process!)

Can't wait! Woo hoo! Let the mail roll in like thunder! :) (Can you tell I'm thrilled?)

OPTIONAL: Do you want a last-minute reminder on 12/15 to send your happy mail? I know you're busy! I don't want you to forget! Fill out this simple form and I'll nudge you to remind you!

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