We are less than one month away from our due date for our baby daughter, and after an influx of the most thoughtful packages of hand-me-downs from friends and two incredibly heartwarming baby showers, we are getting closer to "ready" with the basic supplies that we need on hand for when we welcome our little one home. This includes a very full (and organized!) closet. Baby clothes--especially baby girl clothes--are pretty magical. Building our baby's wardrobe has been one of my favorite checklist items to date. It's easy to fall into the trap of buying #allthethings, and even without having invested much in clothing over the last nine months, our girl will be very well dressed. 

We are big believers in smart budgeting, and besides eagerly accepting lovingly used baby clothes from friends, we've found some awesome deals at local consignment shops. So when my friend Sarah asked if I had ever heard of Mac & Mia, I questioned whether this clothing box service for kiddos would be right for our family, since we've bought so few new items for our daughter. But the more I learned from Sarah, a personal stylist for Mac & Mia, the more I realized that this service is actually an awesome fit for family. Here's why: it's not a recurring subscription; you have an opportunity to hear personally from your stylist, a real person; the pieces are hard-to-find and high quality while still affordable; the risk is low; and shipping is free both ways. More on all this below (including a discount code for $20 off your first box!)



When I opened the box, there was a kraft paper packet of information with a leaflet from our stylist and a pre-paid return envelope (in addition to some coupons!). The box was packet with 12 items: 9 clothing items, a bow, a swaddle and a hat. The range was awesome: in addition to the hat/swaddle and zippered sleeper for newborn days, there was a variety of items that will fit our girl until she's 6 months. I felt like Sarah had read my mind and truly understood my style: there was a mix of denim, stripes, and geometric patterns along with some feminine and floral pieces as well. (Side note: In time, our daughter will get to develop her own style preferences, but I'm going to soak in every minute of getting to dress her as my mini-me!).


Here's a look inside our box: 

Copper Pearl swaddle and hat set: I was thrilled to see this hat and swaddle in the box, as I've seen so many recommendations for Copper Pearl out there amongst mom friends. The material is super soft and stretchy, and the hat style is my favorite. VERDICT: We'll definitely be keeping these pieces because we have only a few hats in this stretchy top-knot style and we love the versatility of the swaddle. 


The second item I pulled out was a swoon-worthy Milkbarn pajama in a reusable bag. This is a brand I've seen in local boutiques with a similarly dreamy soft and stretchy texture. There's a social component to the company's mission, so I was excited about that! The pattern was an elephant in a tutu--I mean, come on. So adorable. VERDICT: While I absolutely loved these jammies, we have an abundance of PJs in the 3-6 month range, and so this is one that I decided to return. 


The next items that I opened: a thermal jumpsuit from Joules, a brand from the UK. I absolutely adored the pattern and the thick thermal. It also looked so, so cute with the pink bow that Sarah picked out for us. VERDICT: Ultimately, I decided not to keep the thermal jumpsuit because it was a pricier item, and at 0-3 months, I wondered if it would still fit our gal once it got to be truly cold here in Oklahoma. 

I also loved the crew neck sweatshirt from Rylee and Cru, an ivory with a rainbow illustration pattern. THE VERDICT: This one was a higher price point, but it was so adorable that I probably would have kept it if it had been a different color, as I am a bit wary of stains on a white or ivory top. I didn't think to ask Sarah about white or ivory items, but I can do that for our next box! 

Sarah also included a super dreamy pair of stretchy jeans in the 3-6 months size from Mayoral, a brand from Spain. We have a few pairs of baby jeans from Target and Carter's, and the material and stretch just simply does not compare. VERDICT: I found these to be reasonably priced for how long she'd be able to wear them. Because our girl didn't have any jeans in the 3-6 month size, this was an easy yes.

My absolute favorite outfit that Sarah picked out for us was the Go Gently teardrop dress paired with botanical leggings from Emerald August. VERDICT: The teardrop dress was the most expensive item I kept at $38, but as I mentioned above, it can go from a dress to a tunic and it's dressy enough for church. There are also adorable buttons all the way down the back. I LOVED the pattern on the botanical leggings, and because these were handmade, I could feel and appreciate the difference between their quality and construction compared to some of the leggings we have in our drawers from more typical sources. These two pieceswere definite keepers. 

I'm a fan of tees and tops from Splendid myself, so I was excited to see this adorable stripe and star top that is perfect for fall. VERDICT: The size on this one is 3-6 months, and because it's wide, she'll have plenty of room to grow into it. We had very few long-sleeve tunic tops in our closet at that size, so this one was a yes. 


I already mentioned that the dress and botanical legging set was a favorite, but the grey ruffle coverall from Kapital K. is a very close second. The material is incredibly thick, which is perfect for fall, and because it's a wider cut, it's another piece that Little E can grow into. We have quite a few tank and short sleeve rompers/jumpsuits in our closet that I've consigned for the summer months in the newborn and 12 month size, but we had nothing like this one, with sleeves or thicker fabric. VERDICT: A definite yes! 

Another item that can be worn as a dress and then a tunic was the dashes dress from Miles Baby. This one was so, so cute with buttons at the top of one shoulder. VERDICT: I questioned whether or not I should keep this one, as it was similar to the navy top from Splendid, but ultimately decided to keep it because the pattern was unlike anything we have, and the material is stretchy enough to grow with her. I love the idea of pairing the top with tights and a sweater for fall.  

There you have it! That's our box! Sarah did a truly wonderful job curating items that were perfect for our style, budget, and the season. 

WHY I LOVE MAC & MIA (and a $20 coupon code below!)

Here are a few notes about why I'm so excited about my experience with Mac & Mia:

  • Mac & Mia is not a subscription service! You can request a box when you want one and when you have the budget for one. It's not an auto-recurring system. (This is a HUGE deal for me, after having once been subscribed to a handful of other subscription-type services and finding it hard to cancel when I needed to.)
  • Your stylist acts as your personal shopper. One of the benefits of working with Sarah is that she was able to design my box around the fall/early winter season, for when our girl was in 3-6 month clothing. So many of the stores in my area had very summery colors and styles well into August, and the consignment stores in my area seemed to offer the same seasonal array. It was harder to shop ahead and find fall colors and warmer options. 
  • Your stylist gets to know you. I created a profile that Sarah used to help curate our box, and Sarah took into consideration our preferences on colors, styles, and even details like snaps and zippers. I love that our daughter can share her own preferences and ideas as she grows older.
  • The items are high-quality, hard-to find pieces that are still affordable. While I love a bargain, it's true that you get what you pay for. While I believe in saving as much as possible on absolute basics, I also believe in investing in pieces that will hold up to wear and tear and won't fall apart after one use. The items in our box ranged from $13-14 for accessories and $24-$50 for clothing items. (Side note: $38 was the price of the most expensive item we kept, but I felt strongly that it was something that our daughter will wear for a long time, across seasons, first as a dress and then as a tunic.) I was also excited that many of the pieces Sarah picked for us were made in the USA and the majority were from either small businesses or mom-owned businesses. 
  • You choose what to keep! Each box comes with a $20 styling fee that is waived if you keep two items. Shipping is free both ways, and if you keep everything in your box, you get 15% off the whole shebang. Once you receive your box, you have five days to consider what you want to keep before dropping the pre-paid bag back in the mail with any items you plan not to keep. 
  • TRY IT OUT! If Mac & Mia sounds like it would be a good fit for your family, try it out with my code and get a free $20 off your first box!  Disclaimer: In clicking my referral link, you'll help me earn a small credit towards our next box for Little E! I hope you love the service as much as we loved it!