If you are a creative business owner or aspiring entrepreneur, you may have noticed that there is no shortage of online courses, workshops, and Facebook groups intended to support you as you build a brand online. But what about those industry-specific questions that you can't seem to figure out--or are afraid to ask in group forums? The nitty-gritty details that only someone who has been in your exact shoes would understand?

When I started my business, I took advantage of nearly every opportunity to learn and grow. As a natural lover of learning and a former educator, I bring a unique perspective to the world of online creative business. I taught, I coached teachers, and eventually coached coaches in my past life, and it's a passion of mine to help others see the lightbulb moments that propel them forward. 

For that reason, I'm excited to carve out specific time for new and aspiring creative entrepreneurs. Each one or two-hour session includes the following: 

detailed pre-work to help us spend our time on what matters most

an online resource kit tailored specifically for you, available in Google Drive during and after the coaching session (includes handouts, checklists, and more)

industry-specific inside sources made available only to my coaching clients

virtual session via Sykpe or Google Hangout so for face-to-face contact

My experiences are wide and unique. I've literally done a little of everything in my business. While I have a special interest in supporting fellow hand-letterers, I am excited to work with creatives of all kinds. Schedule your time with me to discuss one or more of the following topics:

  • Setting up business basics

  • Planning for the transition to full-time

  • Developing your service and product offerings

  • Using Etsy as an effective tool to grow your business

  • Transitioning to a commerce site such as Squarespace

  • Social media management

  • Branding and mission

  • Opening a storefront/studio space outside of your home

  • Selling product in person, preparing for markets

  • Retail or wholesale?

  • Marketing and teaching in-person workshops

  • Moving from custom items to a larger production model

  • Resources for printing paper goods

  • Getting started with wedding stationery

  • Understanding digital tools to make business easier

  • Packaging and shipping online product

  • ...and more!