I'm working on an exciting new project aimed at supporting aspiring and beginning hand-lettering businesses. My heart for the project is to create community among hand-letterers, steward sustainable businesses, and share all that I've learned from 3+ years in a multifaceted business.

While I can't share many details about the project, I'll give you a few hints: in a past life, I was a high school teacher who went on to train other teachers, specializing in in-the-moment coaching, curriculum design, and virtual learning. In other words, I'm a huge nerd and love to teach. 

But I need your help!

In order to create the best product possible, I'm asking for your help! In exchange for you taking the time to share your thoughts, I will send you early access ahead of anyone else--along with a special coupon only for folks who filled out the survey below. The more honest and open your responses, the better the final product for all. You are appreciated! Oh, and in case you're wondering--this project will launch no later than May, because, you know, I'm getting married (wink). 

Last but not least: your responses are safe and confidential. I ask your name because I want to get in touch with you later. If you have feedback that you'd prefer to share via email, or any questions, comments, or ideas, please email me at 

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